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About Me

I have been in love with the bush and photography for most of my life. What I present on my site is my passion – the beauty of Africa through my lens.

I always say, “Work with what you have.” Often in photography it turns out conditions are not absolutely perfect. After all, every photographer I know LIVES for the time where all the planets align and the conditions are perfect. As a professional photographer I can count on one hand the number of times this has happened to me.

In the case of the Johnny Walker photo, which turned out to be a Getaway magazine finalist for 2016, I did not discover the uniqueness of the photo until much later when I was reviewing the shots of the day. The bottom line is to show up with the right equipment, lots of patience and a bit of luck (some snacks are also helpful) and hopefully end the day with a few nice shots.

I hope you enjoy the Clint Ralph Photography website. It’s my heart on the sleeve. Browse the gallery and order your favourite shot online. I’ll print it in the size you want, sign it and ship to anywhere in the world.

I update the site & my social profiles often, so drop by as often as possible to see how truly remarkable Africa can be.

Clint in the media

Photographer of the month June 2019 – Capture Mania Photography Magazine | Issue 9 | Wildlife


Every moment in the wild provides memories. I pride myself on ceasing the moment, using the skills I have to capture the true essence of African wildlife.